Plus my CD’s are at the top stairs which all CD’s are kept there because of limited space in house. In some cases permentant failure of the drive is reported,in many cases it the writing capabilitie of the drive is disabled. The games only do a CD check when you first launch it. July 21, at 8: And as for how many games are on your PC, so?

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I work in Techno eJay 5 and have a this fucking protection.

Here chapter 4 review notes from StarForce Nightmare. You know why I don’t but consoles? June 14, at 5: The famous protection solution developer, StarForce, has granted a sole right to distribute the StarForce Removal Tool sttarforce to www.

Until it reaches the latter stages most people do not even realise it is happening. Have you read the.

I run Starforce protected games no problems. So whats the drivel you mentioned about CD Reading being slow?

StarForce Drivers Removal

I do understand if you have kids using the CDs though. Well, if u think NO-CD is better use it.

How to remove all StarForce components from your PC: File removal open the search window F3 and look for any of the following files on ANY drive: Rush the StarForce thing says error reading disc but the disc is being mounted.


Therefore this can take up to 2 minutes before starforce begins with its disk check. Starforce is a software copy protection tool installed by PC game publishers, which is designed to prevent the casual copying of retail CDROM applications.

May 6, at starfirce Starforce and most modern forms of copy protection look for the CD and at the integrity of the EXE files multiple times during gameplay, Plus loading time can be increased by 2 or 3 minutes depending on the game as it verifies the CD in the drive.

This hardware incompability appears even than, if you remove all your drives from IDE channel physically and deactivate your IDE channels in BIOS to set needed resources free, also you don’t even need to use our program to find it out. March 22, at 1: Again, remove anything even related to any of these items. Disxble heard that too and my son has Starforce games installed, and he’s never had a problem with his hardware. If you aren’t allowed to delete those entries, right-slick on the item, click permissions, then grant full control over the item.

This whole thread is really pushing rule 4 the one about not discussing warez.

StarForce protection drivers issue

If these problems occur, the user would be unware as to the cause of the problem, and would be helpless to solve the problem. And, of course, let’s not forget that everything I say is right. Any of his other games that aren’t StarForce ones work perfectly first time. I still playing Midtown Madness 2 fine thanks to the no CD crack.


That aside, any CD drive no matter how good the diszble is only for a certain amount of spins, 99 percent of its life is wasted spinning up and spinning down game cd’s so you can prove your not a theif, How would you feel if everytime you switched on your TV you had to spend 3 minutes proving its yours? Why do you need to find it?

Please help me delete starforce protection

He asked a question, validated his legitimacy by saying “because I’m lazy”, and so we must set about answering it. They do not include any hidden functionality.

You see, to create this program you need deep expert knowledge of hardware architecture and as you see, we have it, else this program wouldn’t exist. Go into the device manager and show non-plug and play devices. I’d suggest googling for “Bypass starforce”. Here’s the StarForce Protected games http: