Eggs get ingested from soil contaminated with human faeces, either directly or from poorly washed raw vegetables. Damage occurs to nerves and to blood vessels. Influenza is an infection caused by an Influenza virus. Recruitment postcode s [1] 0. In Heart attacks caused 8. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease C0PD includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema, which often occur together. These conditions are divided into with their contribution to the total deaths in Group I in

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Death can be due to lung infection pneumonia or due to dementia. Cancer of the bladder caused 0. When severe it can cause heart failure. The oesophagus gullet is the tube by which food is taken from the mouth into the stomach. All of the conditions here involve essential nutrients without which you cannot survive.

It is the commonest cause of sudden death when an apparently healthy person drops down dead in people over 40 years.

Approval date [1] 0. Digestive diseases caused 3.

Cancer of the ovary caused 0. Secondary ID havt 0. Worldmapper Alcohol consumption, probably give a reasonable picture of the world distribution of all deaths due to alcohol.


Death is more likely in children than in adults. Cancers of the stomach gastric cancer mainly occur in people over 40 years old. These juices contain hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes pepsin. For small territories with population sizes belowmoving averages averages of several years were used to smooth the time series.

Many dusty jobs and bad air pollution where people live and work can cause COPD. The few people recorded as having malaria in those territories caught it elsewhere. An alcoholic is someone whose repeated drinking affects his or her work or social life. Permanent lung damage bronchiectasis can occur. They are more common in people with poor diets and high alcohol and tobacco consumption, especially men. More common is a painless form chronic open-angle glaucoma affecting both eyes but with no symptoms until there is often 2502 permanent impairment of vision.

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This often still gives too low a figure because, for example, you have included all females when the condition cannot affect children. In elderly men it can be harmless. This causes the heart to initially get larger, but eventually it can fail because it is not strong enough to cope with the increased resistance to the blood going through the arteries.


High blood pressure initially causes no symptoms, but increases the risk of having a Heart attack U Mapor Stroke U Map as well as Hypertensive heart disease. Other STDs caused 0. Secondary outcome [1] 0.

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This occurred with smallpox; one of the world’s most dreaded diseases. In both you often have a swollen tummy distended abdomen due to havt or gasesreduced resistance to infection, impaired learning ability mental retardation and are short stunted growth. The baby then becomes short of oxygen birth asphyxia.

However excessive amounts of vitamin A can be harmful. Eye problems can cause blindness. Other respiratory diseases caused 1. In India there are fewer expected deaths than actual deaths; 8 million are expected, 10 million occur.

Breast cancer caused 0. Chagas’ disease is spread by a bloodsucking havvit bug, the barber beetle.