Looking carefully at the existing psychological data on the needs of victims, Henderson discovered a wide array of victim responses to tragedy, responses that differ from victim to victim and that change significantly over a victim’s lifetime. Every owner or agent of a ship, who proposed to dispatch a vessel from any port of the State to any other port within or without the State, was required to give reasonable notice, in writing, of the day and hour of the intended departure of the vessel, to the officer in charge of the post office at the port of departure. His statement under Section , Cr. Syed Sheikh was in charge of the main office at Prince Street, Singapore. The Resident Engineer reports that the country to be traversed mangrove jungle exposed to tidal influences is much firmer than he expected and that no great difficulty need be anticipated in constructing the line.

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Under his employment were Syed Mohamad Albar his sister-in-law s husbandSyed Taha his son-in-lawSyed Ismail and Sheikh Omar Zubaidi to assist him, and several Chinese craftsmen to make customized jewellery.

K Advani is coming to Coimbatore on February 14, they were planning to explode a bomb where he was going to address and also asked P. It is but a small window to the draisamy personalities in one segment of society, mercantile and business, and in one era, the pre-independent. Cthe State filed an appeal before the Supreme Court against the acquittal by the High Court and the dismissal of the revision for enhancement filed by the State.

By the early s, pepper had become the principal produce of the island, but low prices in Europe and competitive regional sales saw the vines all but replaced with coconut, beetlenut and spice plantations within the following two decades. The firm did not utilise advertising in the Prince of Wales Island Gazette as much as others did, and a notice in the 30 November issue advises that in consequence of the death of Stuart the firm ceased as of dotaisamy date.


Then, he helped them get ready for the journey. Some witnesses even said they had left the city. He was involved in the business since the s, ever since his father, Sheikh Mohamed Badjenid established the shop selling franciw, spices and minyak atar atBeach Street. InSwettenham became the British Resident of Selangor.

Tripura High Court 4. Whether he was present as one of the firing party or as its commander or as its reserve or its sentinel was of The riots lasted 10 days.

Rule 17 stipulated, in brisk and mandatory tones, what to be done if a fire broke out on board any vessel by night: When the Harbour Regulations and Shipping Lights Regulations were promulgated to regulate shipping and port trade at the wharves, it was sufficient evidence that the shipping and port trade was flourishing.

Allahrakah opened another at Chulia Street. doraixamy

The letter given by him to the S. He was working as the receptionist in Mass Hotel at Ernakulam. Although his tone was mild and dignified, he did communicate the disappointment felt by many business people that there was not going to be a new harbour at Deep Water Lorry. A related matter is the apparent inconsistency in the spelling of places. The opening of the railway was delayed, mainly owing to difficulties of labour and transport, but it was finally accomplished on 15 September The railway was formally opened by the Governor, in the presence of the Sultan of Selangor fraancis numerous visitors.

Asharaf v. State | Madras High Court | Judgment | Law | CaseMine

There was an immediate reaction to what happened on It must grow out of the evidence in the case. There were 2 pontoon wharves and 1 made of timber. During the year14 ocean-going steamers called at Port Swettenham with direct cargoes from England.


Venkataraman, learned Senior Counsel, Mr. The moving of the port administration from Klang to Port Swettenham, and coping with an environment of widespread malaria, imposed a great strain on the Acting Harbour Master C.

The Resident went on to describe the engineering works that were carried out in rather difficult terrain: He was one of the founders of the Parents Association School, a private school in Macalister Road established in May which catered mainly to students who failed in their Standard Six Government Examination in the s.

The Acting Resident of Selangor acknowledged, in his annual report forthat the railway block system had been copied. Klang became autonomous and its chieftains no longer paid homage in tin to Malacca, instead trading the metal freely until This was because a year earlier, inthe Sultanate of Selangor was established following the colonisation of the state of Selangor and Klang by the Bugisand its ruler moved in swiftly in to exercise control over Klang, which had become a bustling centre of commerce.

There should be no iron near the place where the explosives are kept.

BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of Mercantile Personalities of Penang

Released vide order of Court dated 5. He was just nearing 42 years old. The landing jetties were unfit for use for several months, and will continue to cost the Government a large sum of money, for, with 70 feet of mud and a very strong current, no foundations for temporary piers will ever be satisfactory. The history of Port Klang dates back to the pre-british era, when francsi was a flourishing centre for trade in tin.