This even allows you to use GSIF software that was designed to run separately on a system without other software parallel to other audio programs. The available analog outputs allow you to monitor signals directly from the card without a separate DAC unit. Also you can decrease the buffer size but please test if the performance is OK on your specific system. Device Settings The Device Settings tab controls the options needed for playback and recording. EXE to control the Internal Mixer section of the card. Click on any image to get a closer look at the current model Listed prices subject to change Packages The Mport.

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macorel’s review – Hoontech DSP24 ADAT – Audiofanzine

This buffer size should be set in the dialog box before you launch your music software. It does not matter which IRQ number has been assigned to the card.

This prevents compatibility issues with certain audio applications. It gives you 8 balanced outputs on XLR’s Larger buffers could prevent this. Rack Options Of course the cards not limited to the packages There are no compatibility issues with microprocessors.

The possibility of DDX particularly in terms of routing branch while the map towards the sonar gives me great freedom and trs to trs good quality results. The second picture shows the alternative: If that is the case on your PC, click Yes. Basically, you can set Buffers in Playback Queue as 4.


The routing is done very simply in sonar and latency is very low 5 ms. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience.


At the moment only solutions with 24bit converters are available from ST Audio. The HD5 jumper is now set to ON. Also you can see the current latency that has been selected for the ASIO 2. When you look at this package and see the price you will agree.

Below that, you can see the resolution of the converters that are used in your hardware installation. Then reboot the system and launch Nuendo again. When the option is enabled, your software will only work with the selected sample rate.

The MME drivers of the DSP24 card automatically synchronize the beginning of recording and playback for all audio devices. PC as digital mixer require different monitoring setups. Please check this resource from time to time to get the latest updates on your DSP24 card.


Read below for more info Usage with software applications This allows you to create your own mix completly digitally inside your PC without the need of external mixing equipment and without the need for special software from third parties.

Steinberg has defined ASIO and improved support for recording multiple channels at the same time. Please visit our website www. Start with buffer sizes suggested by the Effective latency tests, usually around msec. A window will appear that allows you to activate or deactivate each input stereo. The family ulises DVD, mp3, video Audio Device is controlled here.

Secondly, a adst version of the VIA 4-in-1 driver we recommend at least v4. Other software bundled with the card include Acid XPress 3.

All other brands and product names are trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Under Audio Data Handling you can determine if the card allows you to playback and record with a bit-deepth that us higher as the converter resolution displayed above.