Long live the hackers, these people found that with a few minor modifications the CueCat could be made to work as a standard bar code reader. CueCat connected to Android phone. Attach the other end of the wire to “hole” shown, which leads into the epoxy blob controller chip. You can’t turn them into clock-radios or anything like that, but they’re still useful for cataloguing your CDs, library checkout, inventory, point of sale If following the image above, make sure you don’t have the board upside-down, or it will be a lot harder finding the right hole to jumper to:

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CueCat USB Version Cases of 100

Cuecaf much or as little as you want to barcode Cat will output only a raw, un-encrypted barcode no serial or any such nonsense. Get alternative interface software for your: Probably the hardest thing is finding a good piece of wire, one that is narrow enough to fit into these holes but wide enough not to slip out, in addition to being insulated. Cuecta source of the code will come from one of the following: Cat, and glue the wire securely so that it can’t come loose and short out other things.

Yes, I cut it open and checked, because a stereo cable would be really nice.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to CueCat. I will be using CueCat barcode scanner as source device; the data will be received by the phone and displayed on a screen using Arduino Terminal Android application. Sign me up right away!


Cuecat USB

Originally a standard software license to prevent unauthorized copying, redistribution and disassembly of the decoder software, the EULA has since been modified several times and now includes a section implying that the free scanner hardware is also covered by this license. Remember, if you got this cursed thing in the mail, it is your property to do with as you please, including stick wires into it like a Voodoo Doll.

There goes the rub. Attach the other end of the wire to “hole” shown, which leads into the epoxy blob controller chip.

See the related Slashdot discussionand the home of one of the original drivers, which includes a copy of the letter. I need to get a new USB one to use with my toshiba e pocket pc.

Discounts Quantity Discount When you buy 1 to Starting in late and continuing for over a year, advertisements, special web editions and editorial content containing CueCat barcodes appeared in many U. Cat to remove the serial same as the keyboard versionand also a hack to decode its output just like the keyboard version. For further info goto this link on cuecqt CueCat.

Chris writes the following: First, let’s start with a little background: Cat’s serial number will be reported as Cited at Slashdot forum. If you can do the “Neuter” procedure above, you can certainly perform this one too–but if you go this route, the “Neuter” will not even be necessary because the: So far, you can turn them into regular barcode readers, add a power switch for mobile computing, or strip out most of the guts and make hsb into flashlights.


Or, slice through the shiny green trace that connects the pin to the rest of the circuit. There are several models of the scanner out there, each slightly different–so yours may not look exactly like shown above.

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Cat in the process, you can always get another one, they’re free: In case anyone is wondering, this particular barcode is from a pack of CD-Rs that just happened to be within arm’s reach of my computer: This was not a breach of the main user database itself, but a flat text file used only for reporting ckecat that was generated by ColdFusion code that was saved on a publicly available portion of the Digital Convergence web server.

The blue cuecaf represents a small circular dimple you should see on the top of the chip, which indicates Pin 1.

Here is the cablewith one plug sliced off and wire end stripped. The CueCatstyled: I’ve tested this to work on the 0. The CueCat is widely described as a commercial failure.