For more information on APC, please see http: For low concurency 2 the improvement when using APC is similar: I opened a two column table with 10 fields using various expiry times, doing this times for each test. All but file-based caching require specific server requirements, and a Fatal Exception will be thrown if server requirements are not met. After installation, you need the Pecl extension.

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Codeignitee I am noob in OOP php: Hope this helps some of you who were getting blank data results. All the data is identified by a key.

Caching in PHP using the filesystem, APC and Memcached

CodeIgniter features wrappers around some of the most popular forms of fast and dynamic caching. This cache class is pretty straight-forward.

As of version 3. All of the functions listed above can be accessed without passing a specific adapter to the driver loader as follows:. They are 2 different APC caches. Installing and running APC cache with CodeIgniter February 13, 3 Minute Read Codeigniter 2 now includes an excellent cache codeigntier, which makes it dead easy to use any one of the great available cache librairies such as APC o memcached.

For more information on Codeigniher, please see http: Changelog Version Description 3. Another advantage of storing the TTL in the data, is that we can create a cleanup script later that will delete expired cache files. It is amazing in web development Yes I noticed the age of the article wpc I posted. Hope that helps, Evert.


This bug is now fixed, APC is amazing for single-server applications and for the really often used data. It needs to be turned on globally in php. We can easily abstract that into the codiegniter base class. All of the methods listed above can be accessed without passing a specific adapter to the driver loader as follows:. It’s a simple table with good indexing and I haven’t yet experienced any slow behavior. Doing so executes the script codeigniterr Apache.

CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.2.6

This has one big advantage; you can check if a file is valid before actually opening the file, using the last modified time filemtime. To use it, you need Redis server and phpredis PHP extension. I opened a two column codeignietr with 10 fields using various expiry times, doing this times for each test. You need to handle the case where the file didn’t exist with some logic in your code with appropriate locking. Since there is no shared cache between the servers situations can occur where codeignietr is updated on one server and it takes a while before the other server is up to date.


I’ll update this now. You’ll only get a status update every few requests. Unlike caching from the Output Class, the driver file-based caching allows for pieces of view files to be cached.

Obviously, storing and retrieving stuff from memory is a lot faster. If an array is passed then each element is fetched and returned. Please note that if you are not getting any results back or a Null data set.

The only methods in there are delete, store and fetch. Not sure if this would be faster, but logic suggests it would be. This function will delete a specific item from the cache store.

Note The information returned and the structure of the data is dependent on which adapter is being used. Maybe I am assuming incorrect, but from the work I’ve seen from you, you seem to be a windows guy for a big part I could be way off with this one.