Page 26 Be especially careful not to touch parts marked with warning labels, and their surrounding areas. Snap off two C-clips. YES o Remove foreign matter or change. NOTE o The low image density is set as the default value to prevent a dirty copy from being produced. Install the positioning pin at the location shown on the left. Connect the Key Counter Socket connector. NOTE o The direction in which the screw is installed differs between the front and rear.

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Remove two Pickup Rollers. Advanced Copy Operations Remove six screws and the Control Board. Are copy materials replaced with new ones at their life?

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YES 2 Scanner mirrors are dirty. Remove two screws, unplug one connector, and remove the Bypass Assy. Therefore, safety can be maintained by the appropriate daily service work conducted by the customer engineer.

Unplug all connectors from the High Voltage Unit. They can short internal circuits and cause electric shock or fire. Fusing failure abnormally high temperature C For this reason, unauthorized modifications involve a high risk of degradation in performance and safety. The toner replenisher sequence is automatically terminated after a given period of time or when the specified toner density is recovered.


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Disconnect one connector from the copier. Using a soft cloth dampened with alcohol, wipe the Bypass Transport Rolls clean of dirt. Adjustment Instructions If width B on the copy is longer than the specifications, decrease the setting value.

Remove the Paper Take-up Mechanical Clutch.

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Place the test pattern original on top of the copy and check for deviation in width A. Before Making Copies 2nd paper drawer — — — — 3rd paper drawer — — — — 4th paper drawer — — — — 5th paper drawer — — — — Double-sided copies — — — — 2: Be especially careful not to touch parts marked with warning labels, and their surrounding areas.

For details, contact your service representative. Adhesive that contains solvent e. Connect two connectors to the copier and secure the harness using a wiring saddle.

Temporarily secure the Scanner to the front and rear cables.

Only printing attachment file. Using a soft cloth dampened with alcohol, wipe the Lens clean of dirt. Select the particular 1605id zoom ratio to be changed. Keep paper out of the reach of children.


Move the hinge to the front. When Incorrect Copies Are Produced NO o Change the installation site. Page 75 Zoom p. Pressing the Stop key will 1650iid the Scanner back to its original position.

NOTE o Install the gear and rack gear by aligning the arrows. Precautions for Installation of the Developer Scattering Prevention Plate o When securing the Developer Scattering Prevention Plate, tighten screws in the order of one on one edge, one at the center, and one on the other edge. Wind the cable on side A around wire pulley 1 four turns counterclockwise, starting with the slit at the bottom in the front left of the pulley.

The drum dry sequence is run when an image press the [Yes] key. See questions and answers.